Len – Dateline Sunday March 17th

My good friend, Speedway rider, Luke Bowen and his wife Rachel arrived today.  Big surprise really because he sustained a serious injury to his knee in mid-summer and no one expected him to be able to ski so soon.  After a hot bowl of soup to follow his long and early journey, we set off together in a very apprehensive mood.  It was well above freezing, so the snow turned out to be soft and smooth.  Not many people on the slopes and we both found the going nice and easy.  In bright sunshine, no vision problems and Luke reported no ill effects from his knee.  As I pushed the pace a bit, I was amazed at how well he coped, but in the near perfect conditions I should not have been surprised.  We tested his knee for just over a couple of hours with no ill effects and, as it cooled in the late afternoon it started to snow as we returned to the Bon Coin.  Still snowing as I am writing and conditions are holding up very well.  Looks good for the final weeks and my family are due out just before Easter.  Reckon it will be a great week with soft and forgiving snow to flatter us all….