Len – Dateline Monday April 8th

After a week back in the UK to start my preparations for the new Speedway season, I was on the Silver Ski ‘plane from Gatwick early on Sunday morning together with all my family, daughter, Jackie, 3 grandchildren and now 4 great grandchildren.  Twins Isla and Ellis (9 on Tuesday), Albie now just over 3 and latest recruit, Eden, a very smiley one year old.

After a heavy overnight snowfall, we hit the piste at 9.30 to find that perfect combination, light powder on the piste.  For about an hour or so we revelled in the super conditions.  But as the morning progressed all 4 generations together found the going getting tougher and tougher as the fresh snow began piling up into soft but sometimes sticky moguls.  None the less, in spite of the harder work necessary, Inversens, was a delight from top to bottom and wore us out in time for lunch at Monica’s.  Albie’s father, Tony, was working harder than the rest of us as he guided and sometimes carried young Albie who, even at 3 years old, already shows the right signs.

After lunch the twins pleaded and cajoled us into doing the “Fun Run” down the Arpette.  The tight confines of the narrow and curvy piste as the sun disappeared, made it highly “interesting” for the adults but a “Gas” for the kids who straight lined it from the top to the bottom with a couple of crashes on the way for good measure.

All in all, a memorable and enjoyable day of Spring ski-ing.