Midsummer Thoughts of Snow

Been dreaming of last winter and the many runs I enjoyed in fabulous snow.  I’ll be re-living some of these with you during these midsummer days.

Malatray Black below Crozats in La Plagne.  One of my favourite black runs which starts next to the restaurant at the top of the chair from Les Bauches.  An easy lead-in to fool the inexperienced with a shallow track at the bottom of the Crozats area.  Then, just above two derelict old farm buildings, a steeper bit that leads around them.  Need to control the speed, maybe side-slipping it off a bit so that on the rear side of the buildings you can stop at the edge of what initially looks like a cliff edge!  Much much steeper with some nicely rounded moguls, so really get over the front of your ski’s, steering on your big toes using the shape of the moguls to control, turning on some of the tops an using the sides to slide and slow while also, if you’re sharp enough switching quickly from ski to ski to keep in the “valleys” between the bumps.  Great feeling that, but lots of energy required.  The middle section gets tricky as it narrows up and here the use of your poles becomes very important, reaching down as low as possible on each turn and almost lifting the backs of your ski’s out of the snow and making sure your head and shoulders stay well forward.  Into the lower section which is always less bumpy.  By this time your body is telling you to stop and have a long rest… instead let the ski’s slide downwards as well as sideways to kill the height with the least amount of effort and suddenly you are on the track leading to the Les Bauches chairlift, feeling good.  Great run.