Len – Sunday 15th December

Dateline Sunday December 15th.  4.30pm local time.

Feel a lot better now having just climbed out of a very hot bath, earned by some energetic ski-ing today.  On Friday and Saturday (the day the resort officially opened) we suffered terrific snowstorms with high winds and torrential snow…. 2 days non-stop.  A few brave souls hit the slopes on Saturday, I was not one of them, preferring a leisurely lunch in Monica’s watching the foolhardy struggling in the conditions out of the window.  But today it was an entirely different story.  Bright sunshine and the pistes in perfect condition…. and not too may other skiers to spoil it.  Wore myself out, but thoroughly enjoyed it.  While I was on the mountain, our first guests arrived and in Bon Coin we had regular Silver Skiers from a college in Tonbridge, three teachers and 21 pupils, so it will be a lively week!  Mostly good weather ahead with some late snowfalls, so I’m hoping to get my proper “ski legs” by this time next week, just in time for the Christmas festivities (goodbye diet!!).