Len Silver 15.11.18

Been here at Chalet Bon Coin for two weeks now, strict diet and exercising to get fit for skiing.  No more cheesecake!!!

Still quite a bit of snow lying around on the Northern facing slopes, the remainder of the biggish fall in October, but with warmer weather, anything below about 2000m and facing the sun now looks green.  Forecast here is for snow to start falling on 21st November and to keep coming for a while after that, so not long to wait.  The Bergerie chair has been tested several times as have some of the snow-making pipes, all signs that the season is nearly here.  I’ve managed to get my mountain walks up to about 2/3 miles and I use my ski poles to steady myself over the stoney ground. I also use them like a cross country skier when I’m walking uphill (seems like most of the time!) and they certainly help.  Tramped up to the Du Du Praz restaurant the other day where I watched as the owner was building a bigger balcony to seat more people.  This is the one popular with cross country skiers and it has great views right across the Isere valley.  If downhill skiers care to “pole” it to that position, there is usually some good powder to be had taking you down to Plagne Soleil below.

Tripping down to Bourg St Maurice on Sunday for a break from my starvation diet.  Chips anyone?