Laura 5.2.14

 Kidding Around – Part I


Watch for more from the Three Valleys over the coming weeks –

There’s almost as many mini skiers around resort as full size, and when they’re not racing down behind their instructor in perfect duckling formation, there’s lots for them to enjoy on the pistes.


Moon Wild_1


In Meribel there are two special runs geared towards little ones – though to be honest they’ve proved almost as popular with Silver Ski staff! Positioned handily on the way back down to the Altiport and Chalet Jacques, we make an almost daily visit to the ‘Moon Wild’ piste, to see if we can spot the motley crew of alpine animals hidden in the trees.

Moon Wild_2

Moon Wild is perfect for families keen to ski together, with its wide winding slope and picturesque trees. The very brave might venture off the slope and over the little jumps on the sides – but watch out, you’re not alone in the woods!

Moon Wild_3 (1)

Kids (and Silver Ski staff) keeping their eyes peeled will spot several animal friends hiding out – from this majestic stag, to mountain hares and even an otter family. Helpful signs in French and English along the way will keep you guessing who’s next, with clues including foot print, diet and habitat.

Moon Wild_4


If you’re very lucky, and very quiet, you might even see some of the inhabitants of Moon Wild’s real-life cousins on the slopes. What’s more, we appear to have discovered a new species here in Meribel, home it seems to the very rare black and white ‘Bodger’!


Moon Wild_5