Journey to La Plagne

Left Maidstone at 4am on Wednesday (last day of October) to drive to La Plagne with Hazal, Alan (who drove all the way) and chalet host Jodie.

It turned out to be good that we were early for our Tunnel boarding as we found a deviation from the M20 which added 20 minutes.  Cold and damp with the forecast of rain, I was wrapped up in a knee blanket in the back seat with a carrier bag of snack food at my feet, so, nice and cosy!  A bit of a disaster through the tunnel as we discovered that the passenger side window wouldn’t stay up…. so a quick garage stop to get  Duct Tape, a great fix.  Out onto the French Autoroute into surprisingly clear and pleasant weather and I had the good fortune to have a nap for about an hour.  Very clear roads with modest traffic all the way and we hit the outskirts of Lyon about 2 o’clock, making decent time and no drama’s.  Soon after that and we were hitting the beginnings of the Alps and some snow covered peaks coming into view.  By the time we arrived at Albertville we had established that the snow was all above the tree line at 2000 metres.  On to Moutiers and Aime, then it was the steep climb up to resort in bright sunshine, the trees now all different shades of red and brown, the Autumn beauty that makes the Alps such a wondrous place.

Now we are passing the Bob Sleigh and a light snow covering down to La Roche below us, thats getting steadily deeper as we climbed up past 1800 and into Plagne Centre. Here was a deviation to avoid the new bridge being built over the debutantes’ piste that goes under Hotel France and on up past Soleil, the snow now looking much more solid and we arrived at Bon Coin with the chalet looking very wintery indeed.  In was 4.30pm and right on schedule…so… well done Alan!

Greeted at the door by Dan the Chef who had travelled out the day before us and I was delighted to find all new carpets in the hallway and stairwell and into the lounge where a crackling log fire complemented the new carpet and deep red plush seat coverings.

My winter home has never looked so good… now it’s diet and exercise time as I impatiently wait for ski-ing to begin….