Dateline Sunday Feb 24.

The busiest week of the season, when schools all over Europe are on holiday, ended yesterday.  While, admittedly, there were bigger queues and more skiers on the pistes, it did not interfere with our pleasurable ski-ing time.  Bon Coin was full of office staff and families all having a wonderful time in the sunny weather.  Snow was in great condition with some of the best piste conditions of the season and I got a lot of pleasure watching the youngsters improve as the week went by.  Biggest laugh came when Rees (my minder) came to grief on the easy Dos Rond and he won the week’s award for “Most spectacular crash”.  He’ll never live it down!  Weather is to be a bit warmer this week, but fresh snow is due on Thursday followed by about half a metre in the early part of next week.  For me, the sunshine is great with good visibility, so important for my old eyes!  Must get back on the diet too!!  Len