Chalet Lily, La Plagne – 23 February 2020

Dear Alana& Louis

We thank you for a spiffing week in Chalet Lily.  Between the two of you we have been absolutely blown away, you have done a jolly good job.  Louis is undoubtedly talented at accommodating our needs, such as offering to feed other guests food whilst making the noise of a plane, even if that guest is wildly blotto, good job ole bean.  Alana your cooking has been sublime, tingling our taste buds and filling our empty bellys with tantalising meals, your afternoon cakes have always been a treat after coming in from vulgar weather.  Basically what we are trying to say is that our whole stay has been scintillating and we can only recommend you highly to our fellow humans.  All of the chalet concur,

Peace out – Ben & Kyle