A Snowy Adventure!

Sunday November 18.  Having been here since the start of the month, we decided we had earned a Sunday lunch in the valley.  So at 11.30 we all (Hazal, Alan, Dan the Chef, Jodie and myself) climbed in the 4WD Land Rover and drove down to Bourg St Maurice noticing en route that all the snow blowers were working hard wherever we could see.  We had booked into a popular restaurant at Se’ez, just beyond Bourg on the road to Val’.  Great place and super meal and a couple of glasses of Gamay red (the local brew) made it a good visit.

At about 2.30 we made the journey back up the mountain… the sun was shining, snow blowers still going strong so we decided to view what was going on all over the place and took the mountain track up to Du Du Praz, over the top, enjoying the scenery, as we dropped down into Bellecote using the winter ski runs with our 4WD.  Driving into Bellecote itself we found a large area of snow blown from the system which we had to cross.  The blower was going full force and it was as if we were driving in a blizzard.  To our horror, half way across and the wheels started to spin, grinding us to a halt in what was quite deep blower snow.  Alan tried all the gear ratio’s, kept trying to rock backwards and forwards to get some grip, but no joy.  By now the Land Rover was well covered in snow and the wipers were going strong.  I thought we were there to stay with a long walk home in view.  No shovel on board (bad mistake!).  After trying to push with nil effect, Dan then used his feet to scrape snow away from the front of the wheels with Alan following suit, both looking like snowmen as the white stuff came pouring.  Then, finally, with everyone pushing, Alan was able to get the Land Rover jerkily moving forward and at last running down to the level of the bubble station where everyone got back in… very cold and shivery but happy to be back mobile and on our way back up to Bon Coin by road.

All over and we all had a great laugh… mental note… put a shovel in the vehicles!

Monday morning and the natural stuff is falling……..