Len’s Thoughts – 4.10.18

Colder weather on the way and the first snows of the winter starting to drop.  Time to get prepared with some leg exercises (ouch!) and think about our favourite runs of last season.  Most days, on my way to lunch, I chose the route to Plagne Soleil and Monica’s Restaurant via the Becoin lift out of Plagne Centre.  Turning right off the top of the lift and along the ridge a short schuss to the beginning of the steep red running directly towards Plagne Centre and parallel with the “Stade” where all the slalom training goes on.  Always good snow and an exhilerating fast drop where great carved turns are a “must”.  Never many people, so you pick your own route easily.  By the time you reach the wider and flatter lower section take some care because you can be going faster than your energy can deal with!  Bear left and then right where the slightly narrower section begins with maybe a few bumps to negotiate… but go slowly to make sure you do not shoot past the track going off to the left and heading for Plagne 1800.  A short schuss to the tiny wooden bridge leading to the Jean Marie piste.  Watch out for possible icy patches but you are quickly past and into the piste proper where wide carved turns make you feel good.  A good drop towards the bottom of the Meleze chair taking care on the steeper bottom section where a few skiers can be standing at the chair entrance.  Up the chair and off left at the top to then grab the Bergerie lift.  Braver skiers can then almost schuss the whole way down Ecarte (not me!) and right to the door of Monica’s… ready for a hot wine and a Spag’ Bol’…. great.